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Check-in Guide

1. How to reach BOHO ROOMS


If you are coming by car, you can find free parking in the neighborhood but it’s difficult during the rush hours (9:00-15:00).  Don't leave your belongings exposed inside the car. The Parking at Afrodtis 21 charges 10€/24 hours for Boho Rooms customers.


From the airport, the best way to reach Boho Rooms is by bus. Take the bus line 1X or 1N (23:00-5:00). There is a bus every 30 minutes. Get off the bus at Zografou (Ζωγράφου) bus stop. Boho Rooms are then a 2-minute walk away.


From the train station, Boho Rooms are a 3-minute walk away.

Follow the instructions on this page for your easy self check-in

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There are lockers for storing your luggage (before check-in and after check-out). Request instructions and availability.

Take your keys

After reaching the building, you have to complete the self check-in, by taking your keys.

2. Open the keysafe

  1. Fill in the code we indicated.

  2. Press down the black button on the left.

  3. P.S. It opens like a dish washing machine.

1. Open the entrance door

Enter the code: 2468#

The light will turn green and you will hear a beep noise. When you hear the noise the entrance door is ready to open.

3. Enter your room

The first number of your room indicates the floor it is located.

Then follow the signs to find your room.

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Breakfast box to your room !

In case you didn't book a room with breakfast option, you still have a chance to add it here.

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